Monday, 2 January 2012

Prophetic Declarations for 2012


January                                Breakthrough
February                              Harvest time – Genesis 8:22
March                                  I will move from a tenant to a landlord
April                                     My month of Enlargement
May                                      Multiple grace and uncommon divine favour.
June                                     The impossible shall be made possible
July                                       Divine intervention and  Divine elevation
August                                 Open doors
September                           A month of international travelling- I will no more be a local champion
October                               A thousand times more;
November                           Uncommon divine health; renewal of covenant of Divine health
December                           Divine Hedge and Protection 

To enjoy  all these declarations  our conduct of life should be anchored on the following
1: A strong desire and appetite for the WORD OF GOD
2: Agressive constant  traivaling and intercessory  prayers
3: A lifestlye of giving , being a Celebrated Giver
4: Purity of Life
5:Agressive  Faith
6: Daily Communion

Monday, 21 November 2011

The future belongs to Intercessors

WPC 15 M    20|November|2011|   Salvation Army Training School Tema C.12
here is no victory without battle
Promises of God are free but you need to contend to posses it
GOD IS Determine to help and bless YOU
Everything in this world revolves around seed time and harvest time
If you don’t know where you are going you will never get there
The prophetic word put an expiry date on the attack of the enemy
The future belongs to intercessors
Ministry is in phases
It is the attitude of the congregation that determines the direction of the anointing
Sometimes your place determines your destiny
The closer you are to God the more your problems disappear
Anything born by prayer and faith must be sustained by faith and prayer

Marriage is Purely Sacrificial

WPC Day 5  Singles and Young Couples Summit    18|November|2011|   

The Christ in you is your hope for tomorrow
We cannot continue to follow God and make mistakes
The devil hates marriage because there is power in unity
The fear of God in your Relationship   will decide your favour
You cannot be wise and be broke
When you solve problems you make money
The fear of God is the booster of divine favour
A house is built by wisdom not money
Wisdom is the key to happy matrimonial home
 Wise people make decisions to create their future
Foolish people make decisions to create their present
Do not prepare for wedding prepare for marriage
Poverty and prosperity is a state of mind
Marriage is purely sacrificial
In marriage you think about the well being of your partner
Righteousness is the foundation of kingdom marital prosperity
Spirituality is knowing and practising God’s word           
If people can classify you they can define you
 Sow a seed of forgiveness and you will harvest the fruit of forgiveness
 Integrity is doing what you say you will do
You will never leave where you are until you decide where you are going
You need mentors for different aspect of your life
There is no substitute for hard work in marriage
 In marriage be careful of what you say for your words create your world

Friday, 18 November 2011

Renewing Our Minds

WPC Day 4       5 Day Singles and Young Couples Summit  
n the presence of God our weakness will die
The battle is in the mind, be transformed by the renewing of your mind
Following God can be slow but sure
Anything outside the context of the word of God has no future
What God has joined together no man dead  or alive put asunder
Righteousness is God’s responsibility Holiness is our responsibility
The word of God is our escape route
It is the word of God that renews our mind
You cannot love God and love the world at the same time
It is dangerous to be a Christian with an un-renewed mind
When you are informed you will be transformed
When you arein  the centre of God`s will you attract favour automatically
Woe unto you if your enemy know more than you
If you live after the flesh you will be killing your future
If you have the fear of God your future is glorious
Fornication can bring torture to your life
The fact that you are free to do something does not men God accepts it
Just because something is technically legal does not mean it is spiritually appropriate
If you can lead and follow you will become exceptional
Your words determines the world you live in
Anything born by the heart is more enduring than things born by the mind

The Fear Of the LORD

WPC Day 3       5 Day Singles and Young Couples Summit  

he word of God is a seed
There is time for every thing
Sometimes you are not happy in marriage because of ignorance
The fear of God is a must in our marital home
The fear of God is the missing ingredient in marriages today
Religious people are sometimes more dangerous than unbelievers
In this generation you can only succeed by giving
An object can big or small depending on where you are standing
Everything God created gives
When you stop giving you start dying
God is a Spirit and He speaks to our spirit
Prayer does not produce prosperity it is giving that produce prosperity
The most giving nation is the most powerful nation
Every giver rules his environment
Every couple need the spirit of the fear of God
Life is school
Life is lesson
 By our actions we unconsciously write our testimonial
In life you must put boundaries around your life
Sex is not Love
Love is not sex
In the context of marriage sex reinforces love

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Sanctity Of Marriage

WPC Day 2       5 Day Singles and Young Couples Summit  

If your heart desires something your mind will navigate a path for its achievement
When your spiritualised marriage the marriage is bound to fail
No matter how spiritual you are you live in a natural world
Life is about decisions and choices
Sex is not just an act it is a spiritual thing
Sex is only permitted in the context of marriage
The difficulties of marriage are preferable by far to a sexually tortured life as a single.
If you not are ready to marry within 2 years do not enter into courtship
A woman’s love and heart is like a electric cooker
A man’s love and heart is like a gas cooker
You need to prepare mentally before you enter into marriage
Women should marry men who fears God and have vision
A man who fears God has a future
It is dangerous to sleep with a woman who is not your wife
As child of God it is important to marry based on faith
Sex is a mystery
Sex is a life producing act
There is no substitute for faith
Every husband success is seen in his wife
Do not undermine your husband in front of his friends
Marriage is a sacrificial work
Marriage is a school without graduation

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Marriage Tit bits

                       WPC Day 1    5 Day Singles and Young Couples Summit   

To enter into any vocation you need training
But most people do not learn how to marry
The three most important relationships on earth
Our relationship with God
Our relationship with our spouse
Our relationship with believers
Ignorance is more dangerous than HIV
You can’t know the truth and be in bondage
Your greatest desire must be to marry someone who has a relationship with God
Women are the same every where
Women are very delicate creatures
Women marry men with the hope that they  will change the men
Men marry women with the hope the women  will not change
Most people pretends while dating
Love is a spiritual thing you do not go school to learn love
Love is a spirit
In courtship some character can be change others cannot
There is a difference between character and temperament
The family is more important to God than the church
Do not marry for where you are marry for where you are going
If you don’t have insight you cannot have foresight
A man is a man and a woman is a woman
If you have a weakness in the   flesh and you don’t deal with it the enemy will take over
Women know the state of your heart before you give it to a man
It is not every man that can be a husband
It is not every woman that can be a wife
A woman is created a wife is made
Women; when you’re courting with a man check his love level
Until you leave physically and spiritually you cannot cleave
You obey your spiritual parents and honour your physical parents
There is no glory in poverty

If you are selfish you cannot have a successful marriage